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コーヒーが飲めない人へ!私が試した 4 つの克服法

For the People Who Cannot Drink Coffee! Four Ways to Overcome Drinking Coffee that I Actually Tried

(↑Title. Symbols such as !? are half-width. On the left half there are the keywords in the right order. Title within 32 letters)

(↑Insert an image right below the title, with a landscape orientation.)


海外から本格コーヒー店が続々と日本上陸して話題になっていますね! ただ、コーヒーが飲めないという人も多いはず。

Many authentic types of coffee shops are arriving to Japan from overseas these days, and this has been a big topic recently! However, the number of people who cannot drink them is not small.

実は私も、1 年前までコーヒーが全く飲めない人だったので苦労しました。 おしゃれなカフェにも行けないし、訪問先でコーヒーを出された時に困るし、、

To be honest with you, I was also a type of person who was not able to drink coffee and had a hard time with it. I wasn’t able to go to a nice trendy cafe, and was bothered whenever people came bringing that bitter coffee to me at a meeting.

(↑Write the certain issue you assume your readers to have in the introduction. This would make the readers think that reading your article is necessary, since that issue applies to them.)

そこで「いい大人だしコーヒーが飲めないと恥ずかしいな」とも思って実際に試し た、コー ヒーが飲めない人の克服方法を紹介します!

Since I was a fully grown woman, I was a bit ashamed of myself not being able to enjoy coffee. In this article, I will introduce you the methods I have actually used to overcome this “coffee-problem” I had!

(↑The introduction of the article ends here. Introduce what issue the article would solve for its readers.)

まずはミルクや砂糖を入れて Start by adding Milk or Sugar 

(↑Headline 1. In Bold)



The first thing that I have done was to start with a sweet-type of coffee.

いきなりブラックなんて無謀だと思い、少しずつ慣らすためにカフェオレ、カフェラ テ、カ フェモカ、カプチーノなんかを注文してみました。

Starting with black coffee just sounded reckless to me. In order to get used to coffee itself, I first ordered café au lait, café latte, café mocha, cappuccino, etc.


By the way, aren’t these names for different types of coffees pretty complicated?

(↑Try adding sentences that would make the readers sympathize with)


私は最初知らないままカフェに行ってしまい、注文するときに何を頼んでいいのか全 然分かんなくてめちゃめちゃ恥ずかしかったです。。

The first time I went to order a coffee at a cafe, I was lost with what I was supposed to get, and I was very embarrassed.

(↑Add the “fear” of something that can happen if the reader doesn’t read the article)



The different types of coffee can be organized as below.

  • カフェオレ:コーヒー+ミルク café au lait: coffee + milk
  • カフェラテ:エスプレッソ+ミルク café latte: espresso + milk
  • カプチーノ:エスプレッソ+泡だてたミルク cappuccino: espresso + whisked milk
  • カフェモカ:エスプレッソ+ミルク+チョコレートシロップ café mocha: espresso + milk + chocolate syrup

という感じです。初めてで迷ったら、カフェモカがおすすめですよ。チョコレートが 入ってるから甘くて飲みやすいんです!

If you are not sure what to get for your first time, I recommend café mocha. Because of the chocolate, it is sweet and is easy to enjoy!

できれば、店員さんに「エスプレッソ少なめで」とお願いしてみるといいでしょう。 苦味が 減って、コーヒーが飲めない人でも飲みやすくなります。

If you can, try asking the clerk to not put too much espresso in your drink. It would lessen the amount of bitterness, and would make it easier for people who doesn’t like the bitterness of coffee to drink it.


ブラックコーヒーに挑戦する! Try the Black Coffee!


甘いのが飲めるようになったら、次はブラックコーヒーへのステップアップ! いきなり本格ブラックはキツイので、とりあえず薄めでチャレンジしましょう。

Once you are able to drink sweet ones, now is the turn to try the bitter black coffee! It would be too hard to start off with an actual black coffee for your first try, so you can taste thin ones before that.

カフェで頼むなら、アメリカンコーヒーですね。 薄いコーヒーなので飲みやすく、私も初めてのブラックコーヒーはアメリカンコーヒ ーでし た。

If you’re gonna ask for thin black coffee at a cafe, go for American. It is easy-to-drink black coffee, and the first black coffee I had was American too.

初のブラックコーヒーは全く飲めないということはなかったです。さすがに、おいし い!とはいえなかったものの、、、何とか飲み切ることができました。何度か飲むう ちにだんだん慣れていきますよ。

My first American coffee was not as bad as I thought it would be. I couldn’t say it was good, but I was able to finish it. It just takes some time to be used to You will get used to it while you drink it couple of times.

(↑Be specific with your emotions and experiences. The article would look interesting if you write it honestly so that it stimulates the readers’ imagination.)


カフェではなく家で飲むなら、ドリップコーヒーがいいと思います。ドリップコーヒ ーというのは、スーパーやコンビニで売っている、お湯を注いでいれるアレです。

If you are going to drink coffee at your house and not at a cafe, I recommend you to try drip coffee. Drip coffee is the “pour-over” type of coffee that you often see sold at a supermarket or convenience stores.


For people who have never had it before, the video below would be useful.


(↓Paste the URL here) 


薄めのコーヒーでも飲めない人はどうしたら良いのか? こんな方法もあります!

What if you’re not able to drink thin coffee though? There are some of the other ways you can try to overcome that problem!


ケーキを食べながらちびちび舐める!? With a Piece of Cake


これはコーヒーが飲めない友達が実践してうまくいった方法なんですが、甘ったるい くらいのお菓子を食べながら、なめるようにコーヒーを飲むと少しずつ飲めるように なるみたいです。

This is a method that my friend, also was not able to drink coffee, has tried and worked well. She said that you will be able to taste coffee if you eat a very sugary sweet together.

その子いわく、ケーキはクリーム系がいいとか。モンブランやチーズケーキだとさっ ぱりしすぎていますもんね。

According to her, the cakes you choose should be the creamy ones. The non-creamy types such as Mont Blanc or cheesecake are too “light” to have with coffee.

あるいは、チョコチップクッキーなどの口の中がパサパサするようなお菓子もオスス メです よ。水を飲む代わりにコーヒーをすこしだけ口に含むと、自然と飲みやすく感じます。

Other than the creamy cakes, sweets that would make your mouth dry such as chocolate chip cookies are also good companions for coffee. Drinking it instead of water to moisturize your mouth would make it easier to drink the bitter coffee.

さていろいろ紹介してきましたが、最後に、コーヒーを飲めない人だった私が本当に コーヒーを「美味しい!」と思えるようになったきっかけを紹介します。

I have introduced you to several ways in order to drink those bitter coffees. I will now talk about how I actually became able to think that coffees are “delicious”.

(↑ It is easier to notice emotions and quotes if you use 「」)


レトロな喫茶店で本物を味わう Try the Authentic Coffee


少しずつ飲めるようになってきたある日、友達に誘われて本当に美味しいコーヒーを 飲みに行きました。そこは郊外のレトロなカフェ。

After a while I became able to drink coffee, my friend invited me to go to a very good coffee place. It was a retro cafe in the suburbs.

入った瞬間、豆の香りが心地よく。本格的なコーヒーマシンが並んでいて、さすがに ここの コーヒーは飲めないんじゃないかと不安に。。。

Once I walked in to the cafe, there was a pleasant scent of the coffee beans. Authentic coffee machines were lined up, and I became nervous if I were able to drink coffee there.

ですが、飲んでみたら、 心から「あぁ、美味しい!」。本当に美味しいコーヒーは、コーヒーが飲めない人で もかえって飲みやすいようです。

However, when I tried it, I felt that it was “delicious” from the bottom of my heart. The actual good coffee does not only taste good for the coffee-lovers, but also for the people who cannot really drink them.


Moreover, strangely enough, since that day I became able to drink a normal canned coffee too. I wondered what it was that I’ve been saying about not being able to drink coffee.


まとめ Summary





1.First, try with milk and cream. *cafe mocha is especially recommended

2.Next, try thin coffee such as American or drip coffee

3.If the previous two are too bitter for you, have some sweets together

4.Lastly, taste the authentic good coffee (↑The last summary. Make it look easy for the readers to see, such as placing bullet points or numbering them)

この流れが私のおすすめです!もう外出先でコーヒーを出されても、友達にカフェに 誘われても大丈夫!!大人なコーヒーライフを楽しめますよ。

These are the steps that I recommend you to follow! Then you don’t need to be afraid of being invited to go to cafes. You can enjoy your life with coffee.

(↑Place the ideal future=benefit for the readers that would make them feel satisfied with reading your article.)


However, if you cannot drink coffee due to some physical reasons, please be careful.

(↑This is the end of this article. The end of the article should be simple and natural. Depending on the content of the article, you can also add a small information or your thoughts about it.)


* For more information, please look at the writing manual.

The Steps for Making an Article

Keyword: 「コーヒー(coffee) 飲めない(can’t drink)」


1. Research Who are having problems regarding the keywords? Type the words in places such as Yahoo! Answers →Who? Workers, What type of issues? “I want to be able to drink coffee”

2. Think about the Structure Introduction: Indicate the issue that the article would resolve Headlines: It should be the parts of solutions for the issue readers have Summary: Title: Add keyword from the left. 32 letters maximum.

3. Create Write the whole article Add images: 2 minimum. (Add one at the very top in landscape orientation) Add videos: 1 minimum. (If there are no videos that are appropriate for your article, it is unnecessary.)

4. Submission Check the 6 points on the writing manual. If your article checks off all the list, you are ready to submit! * The trick in writing is to do it as if you are talking to a friend!














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